Ona Lahlo Warner.

My daughter.  One of the last times I saw her without her mother. She’s smiling, because her dad was smiling, because her mom wasn’t present.

As I’m bound by self-reporting laws as an engineer, and an American with first amendment rights, and a government employee with training in both bribery and conflicts of interest training, and most importantly, Ona and I know who her real father is I have a limitless supply of energy to fight for my child.

I have been bribed at 400 times the gift limit (of $50), as my job has taught me IS a BRIBE by my ex to give away all my rights to my child.  When I didn’t take the bribe and said my child was not for sale, the bribing party proceeded to lie under oath, then the court took all my rights anyway.  Oh, and to forcefully fuck me, I am still forced to pay child support yet I don’t even know where my child lives.  I have proof of the bribe.  I have proof of the perjury.  I assume no gender discrimination will be used when I present this written proof.  Male or female perjurers should be punished equally right?  I’ll post to my website the next court case.

I took out the largest life insurance and separate accidental death and dismemberment insurance I could in 2018 from my employer which covers my dependants, so that I could then list my ex wife, her lawyer and the court employees from court records, that presided the case which took all my rights, as being, PRO-DISEASE, and being the AGENTS OF MY CHILDS DEATH OR DISMEMBERMENT should a pro disease mother expose my child to a preventable disease thus destroying my beautiful child’s life.  That is how I will open the next court case.  I’ll print this page from my website.  In case you are as dumb as my neighbor, Thomas, who used to bother my then wife if Ona was his kid…  Yes…  Really!…  NO I don’t have rights to my daughter and yes I am still forced to pay ~$600/month in child support for a child I haven’t seen for two years.  The last two years of that has hurt my ability to afford a lawyer.  In 2018 I can finally afford a lawyer by eating food from a can for two years.

Also, in case you’re as dumb as I was DO NOT EVER VOLUNTEER FOR SUPERVISED VISITATION.  Courts will then use this against you, never admitting they coerced you into it and never admitting it was ever warranted, or that you’ve successfully completed supervised visitation.  I broke no laws, threatened no one and never wrote about wishes to hurt myself.  YET.. I have my ex’s text messages to her boyfriend after divorcing me that she was driving drunk and wanted to hurt herself and my child.

I also have pictures of the place in my house where my ex caused herself self harm and banged her head against the wall then broke the sheet rock with her forehead.  I remember feeling so scared that such a violent women was in my house and the mother of my child.

Courts treat fathers like they treated black men in our country in the past as slaves.  No rights, no power.  You are FUCKED, if you want to see your children after the divorce unless you have about $10,000 saved up for a lawyer.  If you have no money when your childs mother divorces you, get ready for other men to raise your child while you pay maximum child support monthly.  HR and Payroll departments are experts at garnishing wages from the parent who is then denied to see their kid.  Our legal system will reward the unemployed who hide 10 grand from their spouse to pay legal fees.  Hooray!  Fuck ethics!  Hooray!

My sixth amendment right to face my accuser should help crack this nut.  I keep hearing that court records are sealed however this violates my sixth amendment right to face my accuser.  I’ve successfully received justice against the federal government and it’s reprisal against me while serving my country.  I’ve also successfully received justice against a state when a reprisal was placed on me after my perfect behavior.  I look forward to my daughter and I reuniting after proving reprisal from this county government.

My mother suffers from a traumatic brain injury and she has the mental ability of a child.  If anyone in this county court has been taking advantage of a handicapped individual it is not my responsibility, nor do grand parents have any rights.  I have not lived with my mother since spring 1999 and her behavior is juvenile at best except when she performs actions she learned before her brain injury.

My daughter, Ona Lahlo Warner is the human I love as much as every other human on the planet combined.  Unfortunately I naively had a child with a woman who to this day keeps my child in harms way, and enjoys watching me suffer from a gut wrenching feeling.  Seeing my child be in harms way over and over is enough to make me numb, unable to defend myself.

Currently this means my rights to my child were taken by a perjurious ex-wife.  My only fault is trusting lawyers who now I know notoriously are as safe to trust as the Sopranos.  My overdeveloped sense of responsibility made me find a woman I could rescue then let her destroy me.  Have you had the phone conversation with your wife that they can’t have a another mans child while being your wife after she’s lived in your summer house for long enough to claim residency in another time zone?  I like that example to emphasize how bad things have been for me and my daughter.  I should have called the police, didn’t and now my ex can pretend to be the victim while being the only, and worst perpetrator I’ve ever read about.  My kid is unvaccinated.  Very much against my wishes.  I had hoped her lack of vaccines would prevent her mother taking her to places that could kill or maim her by preventable diseases.  Boy was I wrong!  My kid just missed the measles outbreak in Floridas Disneyworld.  Now my child lives in Vancouver, BC, with a passport, unvaccinated and whenever she sounds sick on the phone my guts turn upside down with fear of her death or dismemberment.  Any father out there needs to hide away enough money to afford a lawyer when having a baby with a woman like my ex wife.  I didn’t and that’s my fault.  My daughter was born 10.5 months after I met her mother because her mother lied about using birth control.  I represented myself in court five times because I was then maxed out on every credit card from my ex stealing from me financially.  When I’d confront her she’d threaten me and threaten to take my child which made me numb, and unable to move.  I apologize for not calling the cops sooner.  And each time I thought my ex would honor her word and keep her kids dad in her kids life, was I wrong!  Trust but verify.  the fact that a court could take my rights so my ex wife could get a passport without vaccinations for a child, helps emphasize how dangerous stupid people are who believe in myths and have power.



Gerald Warner.

Lafayette college with two campuses (relevant here), in the USA, and one museum in Okinawa contain collections of thousands of photos, film negatives, and post cards my grandfather either took by his camera, or bought and collected (post cards), then donated upon death.  I’m so proud of my grandpa.  These collections are one of the worlds largest and most intact collection from a single author of pre WW2 photos of parts of Asia which were later gone due to war.  You don’t get a museum wing named after you unless you’ve done such an amazing job then selflessly shared out to the world upon death.

My grandpa photographed locals in their special attire, during their rituals, large crowds (who gathered for the diplomat), pristine cities (I love his Hong Kong harbor photos, or Bali Bali beach, or scenery photos), while he was a foreign minister and diplomat to the United States, State Department.  His vacations with my grandma were photographic explorations.  My grandpa worked all over the world and that story was repeated hundreds of time to me by my mother.  My grandpa spoke Chinese and Japanese fluently, spied a bit, became a POW, helped many countries become self sufficient, unlike recent economic hitmen who destroy countries, and not only do he and I look alike, but I feel like him.  I learned Japanese in high school because I wanted to be like my grandpa.  Thousands of people would gather standing proud for pictures taken by my grandpa.  I have my grandpas wood working tools, books and enjoy studying him and his sister and her  husband, who I have several pictures with, Richard Gerben Visser.  I’ll dedicate pages more to both these men who lived in ways I now strive to mirror.

Gerald Warner (A few photos I’ve selected thus far):

Terraced rice fields
Gerald by a pool, I plan to mirror such a pool in my backyard someday.  

Rella, my grandma, left, Gerald, my grandad right.  They had a joyous love life I hope to find someday with a healthy woman.Hong Kong harbor, pre WW2.  Thanks grandpa.

Rella by a shrine with rare plates.

On the beach at Bali Bali.  I get misty eyed.  Words fall short.  Thanks Grandpa!

As a bridge engineer myself, this postcard has a special place in my heart and is printed in color, large, on my cubicle wall.

Hong Kong Harbor…  Words fall short

Here’s the college website. website:

I’m just learning it all now for the first time.  I found a picture of my mom playing with her sister.  Stunned me as my mom never had anything nice to say about any of her sisters.

Here’s the google map location of the Okinawa museum with a wing named for my grandpa.  The Gerald Warner Peace room.  I plan to visit it when my mom passes, is cremated as she expressly wished, then place her ashes in the South Pacific off the islands of Okinawa, as she said her will states, as she and her family had such fond memories there before WW2.  The beaches of Okinawa I hope aren’t gone then by rising oceans.

The Gerald Warner Peace room location:

Richard Gerben Visser:

My cousins grand dad, my grand dad’s brother in law.  I met him months before he died.

His grandkids and I are on a first name basis and communicate as much as anyone I know.

When my daughters mother called Richard Visser a murderer (basically she hates any military man), as her first response while I recounted my pride in my grandparents generation and my blood ties to it, I knew she and only shared a daughter in common and nothing else.  I had served in the Air Force, and my daughters mother had even more hatred toward me.  I did the honorable thing and married my daughters mother months after meeting her, even though she lied about using birth control and became pregnant a month after meeting me.  Women want children with with men who are a lateral or a move up.  This is biological.  The prior three men sexual with my daughters mother just before me, (she dragged me to meet them all), strangely, could not provide for a child financially, nor could be a move up or laterally.  I made sure my daughter Ona Lahlo Warner would have my last name.  Lahlo, her middle name is due to her great great grandmother Lalo.  And her great uncle Lalo pictured above.

My apology is that I carried a subconscious overdeveloped sense of responsibility by way of raising my brain injured and widowed mother into adulthood.  Until age 38, I found myself attracted to people with similar problems as my mother.  Memory issues my mom has due to a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), resembled black out drunkenness perfectly, so while I was sober my friends were not.  Thankfully through group meetings with others like me and other helpful therapy I’ll never again help those who won’t help themselves.  Or at least I will keep a basic emotional bank account with all people.  Civil engineers can solve most problems.  We are problem solvers by our very nature so I’m not concerned about growing my set of non-drug, non-alcoholic friends.

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