Letters to the boys in DC.

June 23rd letter. start.

Paper Letter, tweeted and website post for the boys in DC.

Steve Daines 

320 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510


Greg Gianforte

Longworth House Office Building, 1419 Washington DC 20515


Donald Trump (45)

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500


Mitch McConnell 

Russell Senate Office Building, 317 Delaware Ave NE, Washington, DC 20510


Re: Is it Opo-research? Security Bill blockage in Senate. The playbook.

Hi all,

I was very interested when #45 said recently on video in the Oval Office he’d accept what he called opo-research. This contrasts with the “There was no collusion.” 45 says so much.  My ears really perked up when 45 said Christopher Asher Wray is wrong in the same video.  Since Mr. Wray took over I have read and listened extensively to Mr. Wray and find his knowledge and ethic compelling for running the FBI in the best way possible.  So naturally hearing 45 say Wray is wrong is the reason for this letter to 45 and boys in DC.  

Social media ad revenue works in a way which empowers asymmetric warfare in a cheap manner for Russia and other adversaries.  Mitch, please write what you’ve done to protect us from this cheap warfare from our adversaries.  If you are doing nothing, have you received money compromising you, encouraging your inaction?  

Mitch, would you document your history the last few years strangling (blocking, tabling or stopping) to death, legislation which would empower our (NSA, FBI, CIA, other?) to protect our freedom of speech and voting systems from misinformation?  Many congressional representatives submit many legislative bills which you continue to table or kill like theatre.  I’ve read your dramatic wording around this and it seems worth documenting your history of bill blockage.  Why won’t you give our security forces legislative approval to protect our frail democracy from social media manipulation?  Let’s document your history Mitch.  No need to include dramatic rhetoric, just your history of bills killed.     

Democracy depends on free speech. Ad revenue systems on social media are profiting on spreading misinformation.  Anger and limbic system resonance flood cash to social media companies.  Are your campaign bank accounts fattening from social media cash?  If so you have no reason to write legislation to turn down or off such cash flow.  Is the GOP getting social media money directly, through a Super-Pacs for social media or from lobbyists for social media?  Documenting this will help future generations when they want corporate money from social media companies.  Please document how social media cash enters your campaign accounts.  Our 2020 elections seem important for our frail democracy as dictator countries become more powerful all around us.  Documenting methodologies seems worth it for our kids doesn’t it?  

Most of you are from Montana or love visiting here so as a Montana resident and USAF veteran and professional engineer I should document this.  I’ll scan and post your responses or lack of response online.  

Can we invite all foreign governments to help all parties equally and fairly?  

Can we equally interfere in all elections at every level in a fair and equal manner?

China may want a different party in power especially due to recent tariff histories.

May I have a copy of the playbook of operations at this time for my website? 

America is healthier when we don’t discriminate.  Incumbents asking foreign governments for dirt on an opponent seems worth documenting.  Let’s document it shall we?  

Steve, I was very interested in your federal-tax-money-paid trip last Fourth of July to Russia.  Spending the Fourth of July in Russia is noteworthy.  You went there why?  Can you provide in writing what you were doing in Russia last year?  Russia is still an adversary as your letter to me stated right?  Can you send me a copy of the Magnistky act for my website from your senatorial office?

Steve, I did appreciate your 2018 farm bill which includes legalizing hemp growth.  It took a while but I finally found common ground we share.  Crop rotation of hemp and its many beneficial properties should help farms and soil land in Montana for generations from now.  Thanks for that.  

Greg, I’ve seen so many hundreds of ads where you’re a spokesman for the NRA I want to know in writing how much money the NRA has given you or your campaign through direct contributions, NRA Super-Pacs, or NRA lobbyists.  I recently found a list of NRA board member payoffs.  You weren’t on it.  Why not?  Can you write how much the NRA has given you every year for the last five years?  Or is your public advocacy for the NRA contrary to writing how much money they give you?

I’m a veteran who owns guns, with a concealed weapons permit and I support background checks for all gun owners.  Mass shootings in the USA are indeed killing too many Americans.  

Tweeted to y’all too. 


Dave Warner P.E. & USAF Veteran. 

Helena, MT 59601

Date:  June 23, 2019. end.